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Evelina Grandell Rosenlund. MIASC
Based In Stockholm.

Evelina Grandell Rosenlund is the first Style Coach™ in Sweden and holds a unique position in the market with her combination and background of Life Coaching. After modeling in her younger years and moving onto fashion retail merchandising, she went on to study for a BSc in Social Studies at The University of Stockholm. After a few years of working as a counsellor she became Trading Manager in an employment agency. She has since worked as a manager in private companies and the public sector; and as a coach and a mentor for other managers.
Style and creativity have always been a big passion of hers. When her elder daughter Mei began her studies of marketing in London with fashion and the luxury business as her goal, and younger daughter Camilla started her graphic communication programme in college, Evelina decided to take on studies in her own line of interest: Style Coaching™ now lets her work with her passion: fashion and people. 
Evelina’s philosophy is in the simple fact that appearance affects confidence. She wants to bring Style Coaching™ into the corporate world: Appearance is inarguably important in today’s business environment. In difficult times, or even at the peak of a career, we may feel the need to sharpen up – professionally, but also on the outside. Style is the most powerful visual tool to market yourself in the workplace; it is the outer layer with which we pitch ourselves to everyone we meet, whether we intend to or not.
Evelina’s goals include a revival of femininity in dressing. Style should celebrate the female body and show the wearer’s true personality: We should bring back Power Dressing for a modern woman, whatever her spheres of interest. With Evelina, the Style Coaching process is made fun and exciting, yet goal-oriented with a true confidence boost. To help You make the best of You.

CBO Coaching & Management
Phone +46-704-61 09 22
e-mail: evelina@cbo.se

Visitors address: Lästmakargatan 3
111 44 Stockholm
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Eva Carlström. MIASC
Based In Karlskrona.

Eva Carlström has a long experience in hair and beauty, style- and color analysis. She is a hairdresser, makeup artist, writer, lecturer and course leader. Eva is also a teacher in arts, social sciences and special pedagogy. During the years she´s trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and she has tertiary education in mediation, conflict management and handling people in crises. 

Over 30 years in the business has given her amazing skills dealing with people from different socio-economic groups and with various needs. From leaders in high positions with wishes to sharpen the quality of being believable or trustworthy, to people like you and me who just want new inspiration or help to increase their confidence.

 Eva Carlström has a strong belief in people as trademarks, packages, with various expressions and appearances trying to “tempt different buyers”. Some are colorful and striking in variety and interest, some are more invisible and neutral. She´s convinced that our body, our “shell” and our features have a deep relationship between our inner gifts, talents and our personality. The outside and inside should accord with each other, what you see is what you should get! As a style coach Eva Carlström takes personal style to the next level and gives you the answer why you should wear different materials, structures, patterns, colors and shapes!

Eva has the ability to see the person behind the “package” and help the client to be her true self.   Her strengths are her sensibility and the talent to bring out the best in people. 
Together with her daughter, Eva runs a salon called REBORN, based in Karlskrona and since november 2011 they promote their philiosophy and business concept, REBORN LIFESTYLE, all over Sweden. Parts of the concept are courses and lectures and the book Eva Carlström has written, Du är din förpackning – Konsten att matcha din utsida med insidan ( “You are your package- The trick to match up your outside with your inside, your personality”).  In the book Eva gives her perspective to fashion, beauty and the importance to sustain your trademark.  REBORN LIFESTYLE has also developed a unique product on the market, Style Coaching Online, where the client can get help all over Sweden through a large questionnaire which results in a personal styleguide of approximately 100 pages.  In collaboration with the world wide haircare company, John Paul Micthell Systems/ PAUL MITCHELL, REBORN LIFESTYLE also tour around Sweden with “Makeover-shows”. 
For more information, visit our website or our Facebook:

Visitors adress:
Bredgatan 14
371 32 Karlskronahttp://tyda.se/search/tertiary%20educationhttp://www.rebornlifestyle.comhttp://www.re-born.sehttp://www.facebook.com/Rebornlifestyleshapeimage_28_link_0shapeimage_28_link_1shapeimage_28_link_2shapeimage_28_link_3

Lizbé Swart. MIASC.
Based in Stockholm

I am a South African now living in Stockholm, Sweden. I studied a Bachelors of Music degree in the heart of the South African wine lands, Stellenbosch, where I was trained as a piano performer and teacher. My first job in the music department of the national South African Broadcasting Corporation ended in being a public broadcaster in my home language, Afrikaans – a Dutch based language. Over the years this background came in handy in public speaking and the speaking, listening and interviewing skills I developed through this are of great value to me in my new role as a Style Coach™. 

In 1997 I trained as a Color, Style and Image Consultant with a German accredited institute, Aesthetics & Cosmetics. I also acquired a make-up diploma through them and used to facilitate training courses for them. 

My style studies became full circle when I signed up for this Style Coaching™ diploma course. I want all ladies to look and feel good about themselves: happy, confident, authentic, balanced, sexy, powerful - stylish on the outside and confident on the inside. To me ‘style’ is a hybrid between body science and creative arts. You need to know yourself, your body’s strong points and the not so good ones, plus a few creative rules and tricks. But my experience is that most people cannot see themselves objectively and need to knock on an expert’s door for help. This as a way of investing in oneself. 

I believe that every busy woman needs her own little sanctuary, the well-organized, functional wardrobe: a go-to, ready-to-wear, no-brainer, no-stress space. I just love to help people to make the most of what they already own by organizing it according to their needs and lifestyle. 

Though fashion is my first love, style is a way of living and I also invested in myself by doing a Sheffield interior design course, a Wedding Planning course and Hostess & Cooking classes. This knowledge broadened my creative thinking and complements my style knowledge in a positive way. As these are general topics of womanly interest I use it to great effect to enhance my workshops and presentations. 

For more information, contact me: 

Email: lizbe.swart@gmail.com
Phone: 0046 73 897 56 47


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